Espresso Shell Cordovan Strap - B&J x JPM

£110.00 GBP

Handmade in Florence, Italy by the leather master Jean-Paul Menicucci (JPM).

  • Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan - thin and supple, but super strong
  • 20mm wide tapering down to 16mm at the buckle
  • Brushed steel buckle
  • Width: 20mm at case end, tapering to 16mm at the buckle
  • Length: 120cm / 70cm
  • These smell incredible!

JPM is right up there with the best watch strap makers in the world. I visited him at his workshop in Florence, Italy and I was blown away by his knowledge and craftsmanship. We sat at a workbench checking out loads of leathers and different strap styles, and when I couldn't picture what something looked like, he would just go off and make the strap there and then. 

These straps really are the dog's, you know what!


  • Rolex cases might rub against the strap and cause a scuff mark
  • These products are handmade, so there will be variations in the product

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