Blueberry Broad Weave

£25.00 GBP

It looks black, it looks navy blue, but’s actually black and blue! This is our Blueberry Broad Weave strap. The base main colour is black, but it has a deep dark blue stitch running through it.

Our Broad Weave straps are single-pass nato straps, or some people call them Zulu Straps. The layout is the same as a normal nato strap, just without the extra flap that traditionally held a watch in place. The benefit of a single-pass nato strap is your watch sits closer to your wrist as there's only one layer of nylon underneath. 

  • Broad Weave 1.4mm thick
  • 12 heat-sealed round holes
  • 316L brushed stainless steel
  • Solid buckle pin
  • 1 fixed keeper and 1 floating keeper
Size:  20mm or 22mm wide
Length:  280mm long (without buckle)
Wrist size:  16cm - 23cm approx.