Introducing: The 18ct Gold Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

by Patrick Gilbertson April 07, 2021 3 Comments

Introducing: The 18ct Gold Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

I hope you classy leprechauns are ready, we finally have the Gold Submariner colourway that we all wanted... but it’s from Tudor.  

It’s been an exciting day of releases across the brands at Watches and Wonders 2021, however, many will say that Tudor has stolen the show with the launch of a pair of handsome chronographs, a silver dial option for the BB36 and 2 fantastic new colourways of the BB58 - here’s the first one. 

The 2021 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ref:M79018V-0001

What’s new?

Case Material

When you first think of an 18ct gold dive watch, polished surfaces, chamfered edges and businessmen with questionable morals come to mind. Not so with this new Black Bay! The M79018V-0001 features a completely satin-finished case that conjures up more of a tooly, old gold feel. I really like it. The case is paired with a yellow gold snowflake handset, yellow gold dial markings and a rich, military green dial that could make the new BB58 a really nice, slightly left-field daily wearer. 

Case back

Both of the 2021 BB58’s feature a sapphire case back, proudly displaying the in-house MT5400 movement. While this is now something we’re used to seeing on modern sports watches, it’s still an impressive feat for a certified 200m dive watch. The most observant amongst you will notice that the MT5400 isn’t the same movement that we saw in the first 2 BB58s. The MT5400 is merely an MT5402 with a larger baseplate, filling out the case to offer the best visuals through that display case back - same COSC accuracy, same 70-hour power reserve, same middle-of-the-road finishing.  

The Calibre MT5400


Unlike its steel counterpart, the 18ct BB58 isn’t what most people would call an affordable luxury watch. On the other hand, the £12,610 price tag is still a third of the price of a gold Submariner. Even without a bracelet, the 18ct BB58 offers real value in comparison to the 126618LN.

Can I have it on a bracelet?

No, not at the moment. Many will hope Tudor launch a gold bracelet to go with this new release, however, as bracelets and watch heads have never been released by Tudor separately before, it’s unlikely we’ll see this anytime soon. Not to worry though, this gold BB58 will look awesome on the range of straps we have here at Just change out our steel buckle for the gold one in the box.


Dimensions -  39mm case diameter, 20mm lug width

Movement - Cal.MT5400 (COSC)

Power Reserve - 70 hours

Water Resistance - 200m, screw-down crown

Case Material - 18ct Yellow Gold

Straps - Comes with both a dark brown alligator strap + a B&J Broad Weave homage in green

Price - £12,610

Patrick Gilbertson
Patrick Gilbertson


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April 09, 2021

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April 09, 2021

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