Cocoa Brown Watch Roll For 6 Watches

£159.00 GBP

Watch rolls are such a relaxed and practical way of storing your watches. Our watch roll holds up to 6 watches, or use it to make your own travel watch kit and use the slots for straps and tools. 

  • holds up to 6 watches
  • handmade in Florence, Italy
  • Calfskin and Suede leather
  • Includes 6 leather insets to stop the bracelet from damaging the back of the watch.

Flat: 40cm x 14.5cm
Rolled: 9cm x 14.5cm
Pockets: 6.5cm x 14.5cm

Rolex / Omega type sports watch on a bracelet.
Watches on leather straps.
Watches on NATO straps - at an angle. 
A Royal Oak type integrated bracelet watch won't fit!

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