Americano - Vintage Style Leather Strap

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This is a discontinued product. Once our stock is gone, it's gone!

Hand-made Veg Tan Vintage Style Strap

  • Handmade in Turkey
  • Length: 11.5cm / 7.5cm (4 1/2 inches / 3 inches) 
  • 18mm, 20mm and 22mm wide 
  • Vegetable tanned full grain cowhide
  • Hand-stitched with waxed nylon thread
  • Edges finished with bee's wax
  • Aniline dyed
  • Fairly water resistant

The vintage style strap is a simple one but full of character. I've been a fan of these for a long time and I've been buying straps from this supplier for the past year, and really trust his work. He really knows how to work leather and it's important to note that as these straps are completely handmade, they will all be different and have slight "imperfections". I see this as each strap having its own character. 

  • Rolex cases might rub against the strap and cause a scuff mark
  • This colour of strap might patina and darken over time